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Di tanah kaum pencuit,aku menjadi pengikut si empunya blog ini sekitar September 2015,karena aku tertarik dengan kenyataan sejarah yang tidak diajarkan di sekolah dan bukan arus utama juga (tidak berunsur politis juga!),yang paling menarik adalah yang dipaparkan oleh si empunya blog ini,adalah Puak-Puak Berkulit Hitam atau Gelap,punya peran penting dalam sejarah umat manusia,tapi di sisi lain dia menolak atau membantah “TEORI KELUAR DARI AFRIKA”,yaitu sebuah pendapat bahwa nenek moyang manusia modern atau manusia modern berasal dari AFRIKA,yang biasa kita kenal sebagai NABI ADAM Dan SITI HAWA atau ADAM dan EVA.

Dia malah lebih banyak melakukan penelitian di sekitar daerah WALLECIA (di sekitar Kepulauan Maluku,Nusa Tenggara Barat dan Australia),di Asia Tenggara,dia lebih banyak melakukan penelitian pada Puak-Puak yang disebut sebagai ORANG ASLI,di Semenanjung Malaysia,dan mereka rata-rata BERKULIT HITAM atau GELAP!

Kulit blognya adalah jenis yang enak dipandang mata,meskipun bukan jenis GALLERY,seperti yang dipakai oleh blogku ini 🙂

Bagi yang kesulitan untuk mengerti istilah-istilah ilmiah yang dia pakai dalam tulisan-tulisannya,kalian bisa melihat artinya di BAGIAN BAWAH KANAN blognya.

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Blogger Tamu

Kisah Sejarah Yang Bukan Arus Utama



Now i have a new name for my blog (Ehem!),previously i felt my blog name is lost of contents since early i was used Name Of PERAHU CADIK since circa 2013,but mostly or main theme is not about Maritime Or Boats,my blog tend tell some stories and my hobbies also many potraits which mostly,they is not about Maritime or Boats,suddenly the idea pass on my mind several days ago,when i saw an unique figure from a Manga on my time line,actually i wish use it this picture is above for avatar my twitter account,but i was consider and thiking back about my blog name which look like Lost Of Contents,finally i choice for change my blog name. I loves ART and PHILOSOPY,i wish Some Surealism Ideas for contents my blog and an Unique Name for my blog which Described the Surealism Ideas from my mind! Hitam Besar means BIG BLACK,it’s an analogy about the universe with darkness and crowded by mystery and secrets or a dark cave.

PS : Manga means Picture,In Japan/Yamato Language,Manga is a Comic Book. The Source of Picture Above


Hitam Besar Is Big Black


Bikin Layar Lebar


Make visitors to your Blog is more enjoying and want stay more longer on your Blog,actually it’s easy look like Little Piece Of The Cake 🙂

You can posting a Video or Movie from Youtube or another Source,they is on a Wide Screen.

Wide Screen is more Friendly to your Eyes,in other hand too long Nailed on front of your Television,it’s tend Harms your Eyes and Brain. (This is True!)

Now you can make your Blog look like a Television is Shortly and Obviously is Easy!

Please follow it The Trick (Just One Trick!),To Click Image (Gambar),you can see Clearly Above!


Wide Screen On Your Blog


Kau Blokir Saja!

Cyber World or Internet World is one of Most Dangerously Place in the world,and we knew about that! And Don’t thiking ever that Cyber World is look like a Playgroup,if you thiking like that,you are Totally Wrong! Basically your presence on Social Media Line,you like talking with Ghosts,because you just know them through its Papers,Status and a Weird Avatar,in some cases,they used a Fake Portrait,obviously you never see them in the Real World!

Nowadays when connected to internet is more easiest and of course you feel more easiest also for make a secret identity on the Social Media (whatever!) that Huge Opposite of your Identity in the Real World,some persons of us it is look like a Loser in the Real World on other hand it is a Tough Person or a Celeb Twitt on the Social Media Line.

When you feel Amazed by a Celeb Twitt who have over Thousand Follower,maybe it is no have Anything or an Unemployed in the Real World! So Don’t Worry,if it is not Follow Back or Ignore about you as if you are the Wind,because you are look like a Peanut with Little Followers,that’s why you seem very Poor in the Twitter Land 🙂

Once the time,you got involved at Heat and Blind Debate,with someone on Social Media Line,who never you know it before,it is like a Ghost,i guess,perhaps you are a Ghost also (No Offence!) 🙂 Ghost and Ghost or Ghost meet Ghost that involved at Heat and Blind Debate and tend Boiled as a Volcano!

You has involved on Heat and Blind Debate with someone who never you know it before and it got satisfaction from making fools of others (including at you!),then you feel Broke Up,because you has Lost Your Temper,on other hand it is Retwitt,your Twitts in order its Follower will give some favor for Bullying at you,and definitely maybe you will get risk for facing a Lawsuit (it’s True and there some countries that have a Cyber Law or an Internet Law),because it is Edit your Tweets. Life is too Beautiful,so don’t let your Stupidly or By Mistake being a Nightmare!

Mocking,Trolling and Bullying in Nowadays,they is Normal on the Social Media,but we won’t be a Bastard on other hand we won’t be a Victim of a Bastard,the way is very simple,you just Blocked them! (whole the Bastards!). Usually Facebook,Twitter,Blogspot and WordPress also other Social Media Lines has a Blocking Knob and the Knob will protect your life on Cyber World and in Real World.

I sure you don’t Look For a Stranger Knocking your door in Saturday or Sunday Morning,because it is able tracking at you through your Account or your Blog on Social Media Line,it’s look like Scarry,isn’t?! That’s why you should don’t feel Hesitate ever when will to push at a Blocking Knob.

If only Internet or Social Media is never exist in the Modern Life,Maybe our Life is not more complicated, and obviously whole our Arguments on Social Media Line has make our life is more Complicated. Mr Andy Warhol is Right about its Thought or Prediction,”Someday Someone Is Able Be Famous In 15 Minute”. I think many people on Social Media Line in Nowadays,they like that and tends “Mercurial” (too Moody or too Reactioner). But it’s will be make your Life in Danger Situation,because Cyber World is a Forest with many Savage Animals (it’s True!) and Blocking Knob is a Shield!

You will not be Lose Face or you seem As If a Coward,because you do it for your Goodness!

You are able used a Blocking Knob for Block It Behind Its Back and you can Goes On your Life,like an example Above!

Kehidupan, Tips

You Are Not A Coward When You Blocked Someone


I think it’s a Little Piece of Cake and not Complicated like a Calculus Problem 🙂 Nowadays some WordPress Bloggers going Confused about this case,then asked to their Mind : Where Is The Forum?

Please Take Easy and look to some my Directions

Step One Please Going To Your Avatar,Then To Click And You Scroll Down,And Click “Bantuan Dan Dukungan” (Support)

Petunjuk 1

Step Two Please Scroll Down Again,Then You Can See a Window To Forum And To Click!

Petunjuk 2It’s Easy isn’t? 🙂

Blog, Tips

Where Is The Forum? (About New WordPress)



Actually i was have Two WordPress Blogs,before Perahu Cadik Blog is Exist and Sailing ,then Both is Failed ,when i am going to WordPress Blogger for one more time,It’s Incidentally and a Blessing Disguse also!,when my first Blog got a Malware Virus,but i guess this is just a Positive False from the Google,i won’t take a Risk! Then i decided for blogging use WordPress anymore! Because blogging through WordPress is more Easiest and Free,Particulary for get it Crowd Traffics.

After one year (October,22 2013 until today),i think i am not bad as a WordPress Blogger,you can see my Achiviement is 55 Followers,and Hits over 8400 (you can to scroll down,bottom above left side).

My Idea for Perahu Cadik (it means Outrigger Boat),my blog is place for my Idealism,Thoughts,Ideas and Art Instict (Sorry for these Words!-my blog is like a place for doing Masturbation from my mind),then them Drifting and Sailing in an Outrigger Boat at the Huge Ocean.

I very interested to this Blog Skin,basically i loves Photography and a Blog Skin with Form a Camera Photo,particulary a Vintage Camera Photo is very unique idea!

I want my blog is look like a Blog Magazine,so i feel intrested with Blog Skins with Style Gallery and Photography (with a Wide Layout),and I always thinking that contains a Blog,it’s an Art Creation,so in the Blogsphere,i am an Artis too!

After i was Sail to Everywhere,i found this Blog Skin (Ryu Theme),i think this Blog Skin as my Soul Mate in the Blogsphere,until this Second,i very ADORE this Blog Skin.

 My First Love is Vintage Camera Blog Skin,but My Soul Mate is Ryu Blog Skin!

Aku, Blog, Kegemaran

My First Blog Skin (Perahu Cadik Blog)


Wordpress Baru


Si WordPress memang memanjakan kita,tapi apa kita memerlukan ini? Karena tampilan halaman utama di WordPress sudah lebih dari cukup,tapi bagi yang ingin lebih dimanja oleh si WordPress,berbagai pembaruan di WordPress tidaklah cukup,mereka ingin lebih dimanja dan dimanja lagi 🙂 aku rasa ini seperti perdebatan antara Mark Webber dengan Petinggi-Petinggi FIA,tentang Pengunaan Alat Traksi Kontrol (Alat Untuk Mencegah Selip Saat Mobil F1 Menikung Dalam Kecepatan Tinggi) di Mobil F1. Mark Webber berpendapat Alat itu diperlukan demi keselamatan Pembalap F1,di sisi lain beberapa Petinggi FIA (Formula International Association) berpendapat Penonton-Penonton F1 ingin mendapat pertunjukan Kepandaian Seorang Pembalap F1 yang sesungguhnya,dalam pengertian tidak terlalu dimanja oleh Teknologi Canggih.

Bagiku penampilan si WordPress sebelumnya sudah lebih dari Cukup,Teknologi dengan tujuan membuat kehidupan kita menjadi lebih mudah memang diperlukan,bukan hanya dalam Kehidupan Nyata,tapi dalam Dunia Pembloggeran pula,tapi untuk membuat sebuah Blog ramai oleh Pengunjung,Isi Blog  tetaplah Hal Yang Penting.


Si WordPress Memanjakan Kita,Tapi Apa Kita Memerlukan Ini?