Word of Review have a free translation in Bahasa Melayu,it means “Selayang Pandang” as a Blogger,we needs do some reviews or visit to some blogs or sites,because all things is good for us and will added our knowledge and refference also,about the Blogger World or the Blogsphere.

Wee needs swiming as a Whales,by the way,why i made an Analogy “Review as Swiming on the Ocean”? Because we as bloggers is not only Surfing in the Blogger World,but Swiming also as a Whale or Dolphin (interesting fact about both is they is like us as Mammals,but we not have hairpins,just legs 🙂 )

Linkreferral Tool

If you a Newbie or like a New Kid On The Block on the Ocean Blog.i suggest to you all for try this tool http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl?oldrefid=407677 ,after you visit a blog or a site which part of Linkreferral Members,then you can visit each other,the trick is easy and it is able increasing your visitor,in other hand it’s no Magic. Review and Interaction with many Bloggers is good for us (based my Exprience on the Bloggersphere or the Ocean Blog)



Swiming and Surfing

When you all Swiming and Surfing day after day or day and night,definitely maybe you all will fluent to swim as a Whale 🙂

Now Let’s Do It!

Tips, Wawasan

Review as Swiming on the Ocean