Now i have a new name for my blog (Ehem!),previously i felt my blog name is lost of contents since early i was used Name Of PERAHU CADIK since circa 2013,but mostly or main theme is not about Maritime Or Boats,my blog tend tell some stories and my hobbies also many potraits which mostly,they is not about Maritime or Boats,suddenly the idea pass on my mind several days ago,when i saw an unique figure from a Manga on my time line,actually i wish use it this picture is above for avatar my twitter account,but i was consider and thiking back about my blog name which look like Lost Of Contents,finally i choice for change my blog name. I loves ART and PHILOSOPY,i wish Some Surealism Ideas for contents my blog and an Unique Name for my blog which Described the Surealism Ideas from my mind! Hitam Besar means BIG BLACK,it’s an analogy about the universe with darkness and crowded by mystery and secrets or a dark cave.

PS : Manga means Picture,In Japan/Yamato Language,Manga is a Comic Book. The Source of Picture AboveĀ https://twitter.com/ElsaTadd


Hitam Besar Is Big Black