I got inspiration for write this Article,because my hearphone that Made In China is Broken,last morning,so i was search the tape for repair my hearphone than i found the tape with mark Scotch that Made In USA ,i feel glad after i review the Tape and its really an American Product or Pure Made in USA,it’s not a Made In USA,but its Fabric in China Mainland or CCP (Communist China People-in Bahasa Indonesia meaning Republik Rakyat Cina). If a Product its Fabric in China,definitely maybe will be become a Made In China.

My experience with the CCP or China’s Product is like Gambling,because a China’s Product is look like just Outside that Good,and Inside it’s not like that,i did’t mean do Generalization for all CCP Product,mostly like that and if you visit to my Country or to Jakarta,you will see or found many CCP Product or Made In China in Everywhere (including Vendors and Malls).

That’s why i often feel Stresslly and Unsecure with CCP Product because its Quality and it’s tend made problem with my Wallet 🙂

I always asking to my self,where Made In Japan,Made In Korea and Made in some Europe Countries also other Countries that Pure or Original?

Finally i aware that Made USA is Pure or Original for Nowadays is almost Rarely!