Litrato 3608



When i look to a window,suddenly i lurk it (April,18 2014) and i want make some picture about it,but i won’t make it feel annoyed so i shoot behind its back 🙂 and look it is very Busy with its hair.


Lurking A Cat Through The Window


In my mind a Cat is the Best Pet in the World,and i always interested to shoot it,(April.13 2014) about two Photos above its a Cute Black Cat,but i think  its a Wild Cat or we are in general call it “Kucing Kampung” or “Kucing Liar”,and it look no Matter,although in around is Busy 🙂


A Black Cat on front of the Bars


Litrato 3274

You can see,a Cat enjoying a Silence Atmosphere on top a building or a high wall (hmmm,…I think it’s like a Monument) and it stare at me,although the Cat to know that Atmosphere in its around is Busy and Noise,but it don’t care.

Time goes by,but it’s not problem to me and Bloody Hell with all the Busy,because i am only a Cat and i want Sleep like a Log (definitely maybe it said like that in its mind) 🙂

I was shoot (Shortly) use my tiny photo camera (Sonny Ericsson W302) in the once evening (March,31 2014) and i amazed by the Cat (above),basically i am a Cat Lover too.


Enjoying a Silence Atmosphere (in a high place)