In A Book Shop by the night

Basically i am a Worm Book and i have a lot passion for read many book or more 🙂 so in once the evening (May,4 2014) i decide for visit to a Book Shop that selling some unique books and some unique stuffs (i loves both) also i don’t forget for shoot something use my tiny and small camera photo,because make picture or shoot something,it’s one of my life style too 🙂


Definitely Maybe I am a Paparazzi

When i was walk in the evening (April,27 2014) suddenly i saw and meet a former senator or ex Legislatif Member (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat) his name Mr Fahmi Idris or Pak Fahmi Idris (you can googling,if you want to know many more about him),then i use my tiny camera photo on my mobile phone for make some pictures about him,now you can see the result is not bad isn’t? 🙂

Actually i make some pictures about him it’s Behind His Back,and i did,Definitely Maybe i am like a Paparazzi 🙂


All things in our world is opposite or two sides that different or too far different like Cold And Hot,Below And Above,Darkness And Bright,Stupid And Smart,Night And Daylight,whole things has described by two pictures above.

When i was walk in the Evening (March,20 2014) through a Walk For Walker,i saw in Left Side is Bright (almost Sunny) and in Right Side is Cloudy,then i am thinking it’s a Description,our world that many Odds.


Like Yin And Yang


This Place is almost never silence and very busy,no except in the night,many people are very busy with their Business and almost don’t care with the others.

But i sure many people or there some people who feels lonely or their heart is Silence in noise,now my photos is back to talk over about Silence,but Satire and Surealistically.

Nowadays is Normally,if you feel Alienation or Silence among many people,because we are too busy with our Business or Our Life.

Don’t You?



Foot Note : Blok M is a Shopping Center or a Commercial Area,like Makati in Manila, Ginza in Tokyo and Orchard Road in Singapore,you can googling,if you want to know many more about it.




Almost Never Silence


Litrato 3274

You can see,a Cat enjoying a Silence Atmosphere on top a building or a high wall (hmmm,…I think it’s like a Monument) and it stare at me,although the Cat to know that Atmosphere in its around is Busy and Noise,but it don’t care.

Time goes by,but it’s not problem to me and Bloody Hell with all the Busy,because i am only a Cat and i want Sleep like a Log (definitely maybe it said like that in its mind) 🙂

I was shoot (Shortly) use my tiny photo camera (Sonny Ericsson W302) in the once evening (March,31 2014) and i amazed by the Cat (above),basically i am a Cat Lover too.


Enjoying a Silence Atmosphere (in a high place)


Last Day,when i was walk in the evening,i made some photo again,use my tiny camera photo (Sonny Ericsson W302),seems i don’t get many problems,when i was shoot some photo is above. Basically that photos is simple,however when i was shoot some photo is above,i did with my passion.

Silence in Noise or other wise is normal in the Modern Era or Nowadays.

Among many Stuffs or Many People,there some persons or many people feels Silence in their Heart,and it’s normally in Nowadays.


Six Silence Conners


Litrato 3132


When i bring my mobile phone (a Sonny Ericsson W302),i always feel addicted for take a picture or shoot something and no except when i am at a Super Market,basically in Super Market ,we are not allowed for shoot something or take a picture (maybe there some different rules in other countries),but it’s not stopped me,although i feel worry,because i will got trouble,if one of Employed in the Super Market to know about my action,so i do it behind people back. Its result a picture or a photo that look blur,because i was do it too fast and there some jolts also my camera photo (its part of Sonny Ericsson W302) just 2 mega pixel.

A Silence Conner its title,i think this photo is described our life in the Modern Life or nowadays,we are life in Alienation or Silence,although in around it’s very Busy.

Foot Note : My tool for made the photo (above) a Sonny Ericsson W302 and i was shoot it in March,23 2014.


A Silence Conner



Litrato 3114



When once the evening (March,23 2014) i was walk nearby Paramadina University,i look at to a Bridge for the Walker (in Bahasa Indonesia,we call it “Jembatan Penyeberangan”),then i remember some designs or layouts from some blog skins or templates that look like the Bridge,its Simple,Strong and Clear,hmmm..,maybe my life in the Blogsphere or the Blogger World,it was drive me Crazy (but little bit).

Simple,Strong and Elegant also Clean,it’s my favorite design or layout,especially for Blog Skin or Template Blog.

By the way,the true fact it’s  rarely a Public Facility not become a Vandalism Victim (honestly) in Jakarta City.

However a Responsive Design it’s Better 🙂


I liked this design (look simple,strong and clear)


Last Evening,when i was walk in a Pedestrian,i found this,then i feel Wonder about this,what’s purpose this? Why we not allowed to walking through the Pedestrian and what’s going on with all walkers? “Bukan Untuk Pejalan Kaki”or”Not For Walkers” in English,but this is a Pedestrian or in Bahasa Indonesia we call it”Jalur Untuk Pejalan Kaki”,but the Trotoar’s name is more Popular.

What Do You Think About This? 🙂

Litrato 3151


What Do You Think About This?