In once the evening (Wenesday,April 13 2016),i saw a bunch kid Greeting and Talking about Something,then (It’s very simple!) it’s Triggering my finger for make some potraits using my 5 Mega Pixel AF Photo Camera + VGA that part of my Samsung GALAXY CORE!




It’s Only Lurking



When i was stop in 7 eleven for the lunch (Thursday April,14 2016),i meet them,then i try make some conversation with one of them,before i make some conversation with them,i thought,they from Uzbekistan (because their Language – i knew they took in one of Turk Languages-Mongolic-Ural Altaic and their Phenotype,it’s Mongolic Central Asia),untill one of them,say to me,that “I am Hazara”,mmmmmmmm,….I know about Afghanistan People,that there two Definition for Tribes or Ethnics in Afghanistan,they is TURK and FARS,when i took to him (one of Hazaras),he is refuse my point about their people is part of TURK (Linguistic and Genetically),it’s okay i understand about this and i appreciate his point.

Antropologi, Bahasa, Fotografi, Jakarta

An Afternoon With Two Hazaras (It’s Only About An Anthropology Conversation)


Seems i wish asking for trouble,and the truth,i hates NOISELY and CROWDLY of the Atmosphere,definetly maybe i feel comfort and have a wish for living in the JUNGLE (Ups!),in my mind human kind is BIGGEST PROBLEM,in our world,for example,some my points in the top,NOISELY and CROWDLY,both is Polution for our Planet! So i was really enjoy my journey in the night,then Spontanly i make some potraits (March,3 2013) that used my tiny camera photo on my Mobile Phone (Sony Ericsson W302).




Fotografi, Jakarta

Walking In The Night Alone


Ragunan (2010-1)

In my city,Motor Cycle is more many than Car,definitely maybe almost one person in my city have a Motor Cycle (this is TRUE! And you all can compare this with people who living in Amsterdam),it’s Normally when you visit to my city,you will see this Situation or Atmosphere like a Potrait like above!

In June,15 2010,in around Ragunan,Southern Jakarta,when i was at a Busway,i hear Sound as a Bee Bunch at a Traffic Jam,so spontanly i grab my Beloved Mobile Phone (Sony Ericsson W 302),for made some Potraits,one of them,you all see Above.

I sure it’s make you all feels Dizzy and Confused! 🙂

Fotografi, Jakarta

Sound As A Bee Bunch


Kebahagiaan Ketika Hujan


Hari ini penantianku pada si Hujan berakhir dengan Bahagia,karena akhirnya Jakarta Disirami oleh Hujan,Bahagia itu memang Sederhana,yaitu jika si Hujan tiba dan Menyirami Bumi,Turunnya Hujan seperti Kedatangan seseorang yang sangat kita Kasihi.

Alangkah indah bunyi Rintik-Rintik Hujan itu! Aku merasa ingin Menari dengan si Hujan,karena Suaranya nan Merdu itu!

Demi Tuhan Aku Memuja si Hujan,dan Menikmati Nyanyiannya pula!

Jakarta 23 Oktober 2014

Aku, Hujan, Jakarta

Akhirnya Jakarta Disirami Hujan!



We (as an employed) going to home more earlier in the Ramadhan,more than less 03:00 PM or 04:00 PM and it’s Normaly in my country and city 🙂

Then it’s Triggers for the Traffic Jam before Break Fasting (Berbuka Puasa – Iftar),but it’s okay and normaly to us 🙂


PS : All photos above i  was shoot in July,1 2014,use my small and tiny camera photo.


Traffic Jam Before Break Fasting