I was think “i want more!”,when i ate this,because i am one of Empek-Empek Lover,but my Mother said “Nanti Gigimu Rusak,Kalo Kau Kebanyakan Makan Pempek-Pempek”/”Your Teeth Will Broken,If You Eat Pempek-Pempek Too Much”,little bit about Pempek-Pempek (if you want to know many more about Pempek-Pempek,you can googling or visit to a Wikipedia Site),its a food that contain fish,wheat,egg with vinegar and ketchup as a souce,but every Pempek-Pempek Makers have a Secret Recipe 🙂 Pempek-Pempek is Cuisine or Food from Palembang City in Southern Sumatera,but origin Pempek-Pempek actually from China,Palembang is a Cosmopolitan Place,some Civilization is Meet in Palembang,and no except from China.

Basically the secretly a Delicious Pempek-Pempek there on a Vinegar (but not only Vinegar,as Deliciously Factor),Vinegar and Empek-Empek is look like an Ideal Couple or a Soul Mate,or maybe like Asterix and Obelix :),however in other hand,the Vinegar is not good for our Teeth.

So if you eat Pempek-Pempek too much,you are asking for trouble for your Teeth 🙂

Foot Note : All Photos above,i was shoot use my tinny camera photo,its just 2 megapixel but not bad,in March,13 2014.

Blok M, Jakarta, Makanan

I want more! (actually)


This Place is almost never silence and very busy,no except in the night,many people are very busy with their Business and almost don’t care with the others.

But i sure many people or there some people who feels lonely or their heart is Silence in noise,now my photos is back to talk over about Silence,but Satire and Surealistically.

Nowadays is Normally,if you feel Alienation or Silence among many people,because we are too busy with our Business or Our Life.

Don’t You?



Foot Note : Blok M is a Shopping Center or a Commercial Area,like Makati in Manila, Ginza in Tokyo and Orchard Road in Singapore,you can googling,if you want to know many more about it.




Almost Never Silence