Now i have a new name for my blog (Ehem!),previously i felt my blog name is lost of contents since early i was used Name Of PERAHU CADIK since circa 2013,but mostly or main theme is not about Maritime Or Boats,my blog tend tell some stories and my hobbies also many potraits which mostly,they is not about Maritime or Boats,suddenly the idea pass on my mind several days ago,when i saw an unique figure from a Manga on my time line,actually i wish use it this picture is above for avatar my twitter account,but i was consider and thiking back about my blog name which look like Lost Of Contents,finally i choice for change my blog name. I loves ART and PHILOSOPY,i wish Some Surealism Ideas for contents my blog and an Unique Name for my blog which Described the Surealism Ideas from my mind! Hitam Besar means BIG BLACK,it’s an analogy about the universe with darkness and crowded by mystery and secrets or a dark cave.

PS : Manga means Picture,In Japan/Yamato Language,Manga is a Comic Book. The Source of Picture Above https://twitter.com/ElsaTadd


Hitam Besar Is Big Black


Bikin Layar Lebar


Make visitors to your Blog is more enjoying and want stay more longer on your Blog,actually it’s easy look like Little Piece Of The Cake 🙂

You can posting a Video or Movie from Youtube or another Source,they is on a Wide Screen.

Wide Screen is more Friendly to your Eyes,in other hand too long Nailed on front of your Television,it’s tend Harms your Eyes and Brain. (This is True!)

Now you can make your Blog look like a Television is Shortly and Obviously is Easy!

Please follow it The Trick (Just One Trick!),To Click Image (Gambar),you can see Clearly Above!


Wide Screen On Your Blog


Blognya Pak James Allen


Bagi Pengemar-Pengemar F1,marilah kita bergabung di dalam Blog ini http://www.jamesallenonf1.com dan silah ajukan pertanyaan pada Pak James Allen atau memberikan beberapa Ulasan di Blognya tentang F1.

Jet Darat

Marilah Kita Bergabung Dengan Pengemar F1 Dari Seluruh Dunia Di Sini!


I think it’s a Little Piece of Cake and not Complicated like a Calculus Problem 🙂 Nowadays some WordPress Bloggers going Confused about this case,then asked to their Mind : Where Is The Forum?

Please Take Easy and look to some my Directions

Step One Please Going To Your Avatar,Then To Click And You Scroll Down,And Click “Bantuan Dan Dukungan” (Support)

Petunjuk 1

Step Two Please Scroll Down Again,Then You Can See a Window To Forum And To Click!

Petunjuk 2It’s Easy isn’t? 🙂

Blog, Tips

Where Is The Forum? (About New WordPress)


Iklan Blogger 3


Ini adalah tampilan Baru dari Perusahaan PPC (Pay Per Click) Iklan Blogger yang sebelumnya Penampilannya seperti ini https://hitambesar.wordpress.com/2014/02/14/insya-allah-iklan-blogger-adalah-pilihan-yang-tepat/ Kelihatan Lebih Responsif,Bersih dan Sedap Dipandang Mata.

Pada dasarnya Warna Putih,Biru dan AbuAbu lebih Ramah Mesin Pencari atau SEO Friendly di sisi lain aku tidak mau terlalu berpihak pada si SEO,karena aku percaya sebuah Blog atau Situs adalah Karya Seni yang seharusnya Unik,karena itulah sebaiknya Jangan Selalu Mengikuti Arus Utama 🙂


Tampilan Baru Iklan Blogger (Kelihatan Lebih Responsif)



Word of Review have a free translation in Bahasa Melayu,it means “Selayang Pandang” as a Blogger,we needs do some reviews or visit to some blogs or sites,because all things is good for us and will added our knowledge and refference also,about the Blogger World or the Blogsphere.

Wee needs swiming as a Whales,by the way,why i made an Analogy “Review as Swiming on the Ocean”? Because we as bloggers is not only Surfing in the Blogger World,but Swiming also as a Whale or Dolphin (interesting fact about both is they is like us as Mammals,but we not have hairpins,just legs 🙂 )

Linkreferral Tool

If you a Newbie or like a New Kid On The Block on the Ocean Blog.i suggest to you all for try this tool http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl?oldrefid=407677 ,after you visit a blog or a site which part of Linkreferral Members,then you can visit each other,the trick is easy and it is able increasing your visitor,in other hand it’s no Magic. Review and Interaction with many Bloggers is good for us (based my Exprience on the Bloggersphere or the Ocean Blog)



Swiming and Surfing

When you all Swiming and Surfing day after day or day and night,definitely maybe you all will fluent to swim as a Whale 🙂

Now Let’s Do It!

Tips, Wawasan

Review as Swiming on the Ocean




Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber adalah sebuah dunia yang tidak beda jauh dengan dunia nyata,karena itu bahaya yang ada di dunia nyata ada pula di Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber,pada saat kita memilih atau mencari sebuah avatar untuk gambar avatar kita di jejaring sosial,sebaiknya kita melakukannya dengan penuh kebijaksanaan.

Bahaya datang karena kita memancingnya atau memicunya,di Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber,karena kesalahan kita dalam memakai sebuah gambar avatar untuk akun kita di jejaring sosial.

Kita semua memerlukan Sebuah Gambar Avatar Yang Aman dan di dalam sebuah kiriman di Blog http://barubelajarmengambar.blogspot.com/2014/05/nyok-kite-pake-gambar-avatar-yang-aman.html terdapat beberapa gambar avatar yang Aman,Lucu dan Unik serta yang paling penting adalah Cuma-Cuma.

Dunia tempat kita tinggal dari hari ke hari semakin Berbahaya,tak terkecuali di Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber,jadi janganlah kita mengundang atau memicu Bahaya tersebut,dengan memakai sebuah Gambar Avatar yang Bermasalah.



Kita Semua Memerlukan Sebuah Gambar Avatar Yang Aman