The fact many Hacking Attacks,it’s happen,when you left a wifi spot (in Bahasa Indonesia,we usually calling WARNET – Warung Telekomunikasi),because your Neglect or your Fault,it’s forget for CLEAR YOUR BROWSING DATA. Your Browsing Data Is A Potential Target For Hackers or Someone who sunddely feel interested with your PATH on the Cyber World or some your BROWSING DATA. In Another Case is more worst! When You Forget for SIGN OUT from your blog or your mini blog.

Originaly is easy for Avoid the case,after you feel Sastifaction with your Adventure on the Cyber World,you could going to HISTORY or SAFETY (if you use internet explorer browser) then you CLEAR All!

Remind This Thing! WIFI SPOT is one of Dangerous Place in the world!


Please Don’t Forget For Doing This!


Bikin Layar Lebar


Make visitors to your Blog is more enjoying and want stay more longer on your Blog,actually it’s easy look like Little Piece Of The Cake 🙂

You can posting a Video or Movie from Youtube or another Source,they is on a Wide Screen.

Wide Screen is more Friendly to your Eyes,in other hand too long Nailed on front of your Television,it’s tend Harms your Eyes and Brain. (This is True!)

Now you can make your Blog look like a Television is Shortly and Obviously is Easy!

Please follow it The Trick (Just One Trick!),To Click Image (Gambar),you can see Clearly Above!


Wide Screen On Your Blog


Kau Blokir Saja!

Cyber World or Internet World is one of Most Dangerously Place in the world,and we knew about that! And Don’t thiking ever that Cyber World is look like a Playgroup,if you thiking like that,you are Totally Wrong! Basically your presence on Social Media Line,you like talking with Ghosts,because you just know them through its Papers,Status and a Weird Avatar,in some cases,they used a Fake Portrait,obviously you never see them in the Real World!

Nowadays when connected to internet is more easiest and of course you feel more easiest also for make a secret identity on the Social Media (whatever!) that Huge Opposite of your Identity in the Real World,some persons of us it is look like a Loser in the Real World on other hand it is a Tough Person or a Celeb Twitt on the Social Media Line.

When you feel Amazed by a Celeb Twitt who have over Thousand Follower,maybe it is no have Anything or an Unemployed in the Real World! So Don’t Worry,if it is not Follow Back or Ignore about you as if you are the Wind,because you are look like a Peanut with Little Followers,that’s why you seem very Poor in the Twitter Land 🙂

Once the time,you got involved at Heat and Blind Debate,with someone on Social Media Line,who never you know it before,it is like a Ghost,i guess,perhaps you are a Ghost also (No Offence!) 🙂 Ghost and Ghost or Ghost meet Ghost that involved at Heat and Blind Debate and tend Boiled as a Volcano!

You has involved on Heat and Blind Debate with someone who never you know it before and it got satisfaction from making fools of others (including at you!),then you feel Broke Up,because you has Lost Your Temper,on other hand it is Retwitt,your Twitts in order its Follower will give some favor for Bullying at you,and definitely maybe you will get risk for facing a Lawsuit (it’s True and there some countries that have a Cyber Law or an Internet Law),because it is Edit your Tweets. Life is too Beautiful,so don’t let your Stupidly or By Mistake being a Nightmare!

Mocking,Trolling and Bullying in Nowadays,they is Normal on the Social Media,but we won’t be a Bastard on other hand we won’t be a Victim of a Bastard,the way is very simple,you just Blocked them! (whole the Bastards!). Usually Facebook,Twitter,Blogspot and WordPress also other Social Media Lines has a Blocking Knob and the Knob will protect your life on Cyber World and in Real World.

I sure you don’t Look For a Stranger Knocking your door in Saturday or Sunday Morning,because it is able tracking at you through your Account or your Blog on Social Media Line,it’s look like Scarry,isn’t?! That’s why you should don’t feel Hesitate ever when will to push at a Blocking Knob.

If only Internet or Social Media is never exist in the Modern Life,Maybe our Life is not more complicated, and obviously whole our Arguments on Social Media Line has make our life is more Complicated. Mr Andy Warhol is Right about its Thought or Prediction,”Someday Someone Is Able Be Famous In 15 Minute”. I think many people on Social Media Line in Nowadays,they like that and tends “Mercurial” (too Moody or too Reactioner). But it’s will be make your Life in Danger Situation,because Cyber World is a Forest with many Savage Animals (it’s True!) and Blocking Knob is a Shield!

You will not be Lose Face or you seem As If a Coward,because you do it for your Goodness!

You are able used a Blocking Knob for Block It Behind Its Back and you can Goes On your Life,like an example Above!

Kehidupan, Tips

You Are Not A Coward When You Blocked Someone


I think it’s a Little Piece of Cake and not Complicated like a Calculus Problem 🙂 Nowadays some WordPress Bloggers going Confused about this case,then asked to their Mind : Where Is The Forum?

Please Take Easy and look to some my Directions

Step One Please Going To Your Avatar,Then To Click And You Scroll Down,And Click “Bantuan Dan Dukungan” (Support)

Petunjuk 1

Step Two Please Scroll Down Again,Then You Can See a Window To Forum And To Click!

Petunjuk 2It’s Easy isn’t? 🙂

Blog, Tips

Where Is The Forum? (About New WordPress)



Word of Review have a free translation in Bahasa Melayu,it means “Selayang Pandang” as a Blogger,we needs do some reviews or visit to some blogs or sites,because all things is good for us and will added our knowledge and refference also,about the Blogger World or the Blogsphere.

Wee needs swiming as a Whales,by the way,why i made an Analogy “Review as Swiming on the Ocean”? Because we as bloggers is not only Surfing in the Blogger World,but Swiming also as a Whale or Dolphin (interesting fact about both is they is like us as Mammals,but we not have hairpins,just legs 🙂 )

Linkreferral Tool

If you a Newbie or like a New Kid On The Block on the Ocean Blog.i suggest to you all for try this tool http://www.linkreferral.com/adwel.pl?oldrefid=407677 ,after you visit a blog or a site which part of Linkreferral Members,then you can visit each other,the trick is easy and it is able increasing your visitor,in other hand it’s no Magic. Review and Interaction with many Bloggers is good for us (based my Exprience on the Bloggersphere or the Ocean Blog)



Swiming and Surfing

When you all Swiming and Surfing day after day or day and night,definitely maybe you all will fluent to swim as a Whale 🙂

Now Let’s Do It!

Tips, Wawasan

Review as Swiming on the Ocean





Ketika kita berbicara tentang Shootscreen atau Jepretan Layar,biasanya kita akan mempergunakan cara yang biasa https://hitambesar.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/sedikit-pelajaran-untuk-membuat-jepretan-layar/,tapi untuk beberapa orang yang Gaptek (Gagap Teknologi-Pengetahuan Tentang Teknologinya Kurang),hal itu bisa menjadi sebuah Persoalan.

Ketika aku menulis tentang sedikit pelajaran untuk membuat sebuah jepretan layar,seorang teman Australiaku di Blogsphere,memberikanku sebuah saran yaitu agar aku mencoba http://download.cnet.com/PrintKey-Pro/3000-2191_4-10820437.html untuk membuat sebuah jepretan layar,semula aku ragu dengan keamanan alat ini,kemudian aku memeriksanya di http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website ,aku menjadi tahu bahwa alat ini aman untuk dipergunakan di dalam komputer kita.

Anda semua bisa segera mencobanya dan sebelum mengunduhnya terlihat sebuah tulisan “Masa Uji Selama 30 Hari Adalah Cuma-Cuma”,janganlah kuatir karena setelah 30 hari,kita bisa melakukan pengunduhan ulang.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi mari Anda Semua mencobanya! 🙂

Fotografi, Tips, Wawasan

Sebuah Tustel Komputer Yang Keren!



I want spread some tricks and tell about my exprience in the Twitter Land for over three years,it’s about get some Followers through the Follow Back,actually this is an easy and cheap and off course it’s safety. When you look to account who you want get a follow back or you want follow back each other,you must focus  about Following and Follower on it’s Account.

According my exprience for three years about Follow Back on the Twitter Land,i always looking an Account is following more many than it is followed. For Example following 300 and have follower 100 (300-100=200 unfollow back is +200) and following 400 and have follower 100 also following 100 and have follower 20,even following 100 and have follower 10.


Definitely Maybe.you will get a Follow Back or more Follow Backs

I give many more examples about some account on  the Twitter Land that have a lot potential for do follow back.

a Following 400 and have Followers 300

b Following 300 and have Followers 100

c Following 200 and have Followers 50

d Following 100 and have Followers 30

For found these accounts above you can use a tag (whatever or depends your passion to something),in other hand,i don’t suggest to you all for following an account that following 500,but only have followers 15,both is tend a Spammers who spread virus or get at crack your computer (it’s not always,however vigilant is better).


Ups! I forget write these words,after you following an account like above,it’s better you looking to followers directly,because Usually its follower have follower is more little than some account that it is following,for example Follower’s an account following 400 and have followers 100,have a Follower that following 75 and have followers 20,also etc,you will found more many account that have a lot potential for do Follow Back.

Growing as Leafs

If you did the trick for ge some followers,your followers will be grow as leafs on the tree (a picture above is a sureleastically or an analogy about our follower who growing become more many),hour to hour,day to day and week to week untill moth to moth,then you are a Celebtwitt 🙂


Follow Back Potential or The Way For Get a Follow Back or More Follow Backs




Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber adalah sebuah dunia yang tidak beda jauh dengan dunia nyata,karena itu bahaya yang ada di dunia nyata ada pula di Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber,pada saat kita memilih atau mencari sebuah avatar untuk gambar avatar kita di jejaring sosial,sebaiknya kita melakukannya dengan penuh kebijaksanaan.

Bahaya datang karena kita memancingnya atau memicunya,di Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber,karena kesalahan kita dalam memakai sebuah gambar avatar untuk akun kita di jejaring sosial.

Kita semua memerlukan Sebuah Gambar Avatar Yang Aman dan di dalam sebuah kiriman di Blog http://barubelajarmengambar.blogspot.com/2014/05/nyok-kite-pake-gambar-avatar-yang-aman.html terdapat beberapa gambar avatar yang Aman,Lucu dan Unik serta yang paling penting adalah Cuma-Cuma.

Dunia tempat kita tinggal dari hari ke hari semakin Berbahaya,tak terkecuali di Dunia Maya atau Dunia Siber,jadi janganlah kita mengundang atau memicu Bahaya tersebut,dengan memakai sebuah Gambar Avatar yang Bermasalah.



Kita Semua Memerlukan Sebuah Gambar Avatar Yang Aman



Jepretan Layar atau Screenshoot adalah membuat foto tampilan gambar atau sesuatu yang terdapat di layar komputer,mungkin ini agak membosankan bagi yang sudah mahir mempergunakan komputer 🙂 tapi bagi beberapa penguna komputer yang belum mahir tentang hal ini,aku pikir Tips ini bisa membantu. Perhatian untuk semuanya tentang sedikit pelajaran untuk membuat Jepretan Layar yang aku paparkan dalam tulisan yang pendek ini,hanyalah untuk penguna komputer dengan sistim operasi Microsoft Windows,tapi aku tak bermaksud bersikap tak adil atau melakukan semacam diskriminasi,tapi kebanyakan penguna komputer adalah penguna sistim operasi Microsoft Windows.

Tombol PrtSc SysRq dan Tombol Alt

Sebelumnya marilah kita terlebih dahulu mencari letak tombol PrtSc SysRq dan Alt,silah melihat gambar di bawah ini,kemudian Anda tahanlah tombol Alt dan pencetlah tombol PrtSC.

SC 4


Kemudian Anda pergi ke Start Search (biasanya di sebelah kiri bawah komputer kita,di bagian yang terdapat gambar logo Microsoftnya),Salin (Copy) dan ketiklah Paint,setelah masuk masuk ke Paint,kemudian Salin (Copy) dan Tempel (Paste) dengan mempergunakan tombol Ctrl dan V di bagian layarnya,selesaikan dengan mengklik Save As. Mudah kan? 🙂

SC 6



Sedikit Pelajaran Untuk Membuat Jepretan Layar




Aku ingin berbagi pengalamanku,selama berkecimpung di Dunia Kaum Pencuit (Twitter) selama sekitar tiga tahun lebih,khususnya untuk Pencuit-Pencuit (Tweep) yang masih Pemula atau bukan orang terkenal di Dunia Kaum Pencuit memang Cukup Sulit untuk Mendapatkan Pengikut Baru,karena itu dalam tulisan yang tidak begitu panjang ini,aku akan paparkan sebuah cara yang Mudah,Halal dan Aman,yaitu Main #FF.

Bagi Seorang Pemula atau Bukan Orang Terkenal yang ingin Menambah Jumlah Pengikut di Twitter,cara yang paling Aman dan Halal untuk mendapatkannya adalah dengan cara Main #FF,memang kita tidak akan seketika mendapatkan Banyak Pengikut,tapi cara itu akan membuat Peluang kita untuk mendapatkan beberapa Pengikut Baru akan Semakin Terbuka.

Ketika kita mencuitkan beberapa Akun Twitter,sebagai beberapa Akun Twitter yang  sebaiknya di-ikuti pada Hari Jumat (Follow Friday),ada peluang bagi kita untuk mendapatkan beberapa Pengikut Baru dan ada kemungkinan beberapa Akun Twitter yang semula tidak mengikuti kita akan Mengikuti Balik (ini berdasarkan Pengalamanku).

Taggar #FF adalah salah satu Taggar yang paling banyak dipergunakan di Twitter,khususnya pada Hari Jumat,ketika salah satu Akun Twitter yang kita #FF melakukan Cuitan Balik,dan Akun Twitter itu punya banyak pengikut ada kemungkinan atau peluang bagi kita untuk mendapatkan beberapa Pengikut Baru.

Jadi Tunggu Apa Lagi,Marilah Kita Main #FF!

Catatan Kaki : Gambar di atas adalah pengambaran atau perumpamaan secara Surelaistik,yaitu cara kita mendapatkan Pengikut-Pengikut Baru untuk Akun Twitter kita memang Lambat,tapi aman,dan kita akan dikelilingi Pengikut Baru-Pengikut Baru yang ibarat kerumunan Ikan-Ikan.


Marilah Main #FF