Ada suatu masa ketika kehidupan kita tak begitu rumit,dan semua itu dipicu oleh teknologi yang kini menjadi bagian dari kehidupan kita,teknologi itu adalah SMS (Sellular Message Short),yang adalah sebuah bentuk pengiriman pesan dari telepon genggam kita,dengan SMS,kita bisa mengirimkan pesan pada siapapun juga di dunia ini,dengan cepat dan murah meriah.

Dengan SMS kita bisa segera mendapatkan kabar berita dari seseorang di seberang lautan dalam hitungan menit,dan kita bisa mengirimkan pesan balasan dengan cepat pula (silah dibandingkan dengan Telegram!),tapi karena pengiriman pesan bisa begitu cepat telepon genggam kita jadi kebanjiran pesan,kemudian kita tergoda untuk membalasnya pula,itulah yang kemudian membuat kehidupan kita menjadi bertambah Rumit!

Ketika kita mengirimkan pesan dengan mempergunakan Surat,pada seseorang yang berarti dalam hidup kita,ada rasa SENTIMENTIL dan bahkan ROMANTISME yang timbul,atau kita mendapatkan sepucuk surat dari orang yang berarti dalam hidup kita,KERINDUAN,pada dirinya pun terobati,atau dari KEKASIH,PACAR,BINI,SUAMI,ISTRI-kita,maka hati kitapun semakin BERBUNGA-BUNGA.

Sebagai contoh adalah dari dua halaman Komik Kenji No.10,yang terdapat di atas (halaman 74 dan halaman 75),si Kenji sangat berbahagia saat dia mendapatkan beberapa pucuk surat dari orang-orang yang berarti dalam kehidupanya,yaitu dari Ayahnya (si Kenji lebih dekat dengan Ayahnya daripada Ibunya),Ibunya dan Sahabatnya yang bernama Inoue serta Pacarnya yang bernama Akira (tapi pada si So Kon Lon yang adalah Guru Silatnya dia bilang “Tidak”,karena merasa malu ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Kehidupan, Wawasan

Ketika SMS Belum Merajalela


Ketidak-Adilan Media Utama

John Lennon Says “No Problem Only Solution”,but if you wish to solve any problem you should found the source or the trigger,i made an analogy for this case,”If You Want To Extinguish Any Fire You Should Found The Source”,A Malay Proverb Says “There No Any Haze Without The Fire” (Tak Ada Asap Tanpa Api).

When someone or any people got some UNFAIR treatment or UNJUSTICE treatment,they will Angry,Fury and Sadly.

In spite It’s go by for decades,but some bad emotions is still living on Our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Pikiran Kita

If you all learn about the history as well,you will to know,that COLONIALISM and IMPERIALISM,will left the Problems (Wishing Revenge or Vendetta Feeling for all victims).

When a Powerful State Attack a Unpowerful State (of course with a Superior Feeling.Facist And Cheunevist,the Powerfull State feels like that! – Usually) and Conqueror like the Pizzarro (he is one of Barbaric Conqueror),he has killing many Indian People with COLD BLOOD.

You can asking about MISERY,FURY and SADLY because Colonialism and Imperialism to Scottish,Tibetan,Palestine,Iraq and Catalan,Pilipino also South Africa People,Indian,Irish.

HATERED rising because UNFAIR and UNJUSTICE in Our World.

Because of Some Words has Corrupted!

ย Sekali Lagi Tentang Terorisme

Many Mainstream Media Has Corrupted These Words,they is TERRORIST and TERRORISM. I think the people who fooled by the Mainstream Medias,should read again the Dictionary for Clear Up the Meaning Words TERRORIST and TERRORISM.

Who Is The Terrorist

For Blowing your mind i was pick and bring some example about TERRORIST and TERRORISM,i hope these example it’s able make you all realized that TERRORIST and TERRORISM have many forms and many ideology too

Melawan Keganasan Sejak 1492

They Were Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

Terorisme RRC

Terrorism By The State (Communist China People)


Penembakan Di Amerika Serikat

Terorrism By The Person


Tibet 2

Terrorism By The State (2)


Beragam Perbuatan Terorisme

The Media Mainsterams Is ย The Imposter!





PS :There some pictures fromย https://twitter.com/trutherbotblue


If You Want To Extinguish Any Fire You Should Found The Source


Halaman Rumput - Copy

Someday you saw the Grass Land your Neighbor,then you feel Anxiety or Unsecure,you feel there something wrong with

you life,

or it’s

not Enough to me,because his Grass Land is more Greener than my Grass Land,this case is simple actually,because you

could do POLYGAMY.

If Two Heads is Better,how about Two Holes? (ups Sorry!)

Two Wife for A Man Is A Good Idea!

Two Wife or more,is look like Two Grass Land,you can enjoy it as well ๐Ÿ˜‰


When Grass Land Your Neighbor Is More Greener Than Your Grass Land



Some Sceptic People or Some People who have Doubt about Existence of God,they asking.”Where Is God?” “What God Does Exist?” “What Does It Is Just Exist In Your Mind?” “It Is Does Part Of Quantum Conincident?” And many more questions about Existence of God,for this Case,i could made a simple analogy about Existence of God. “We All As A Fish Bunch In An Aquarium”,when a Fish Bunch in an aquarium,they never know about “Shape Of Water” or Color Of Water”,and our knowledge is limited about The Universe (that’s why i was use Aquarium for made an analogy,and not Ocean!),basically we all living among another Aquariums!

By The Way Do You Believe God?

Kehidupan, Wawasan



Nowadays we are Human Kind has Spoiled by Virtual Technology,it’s make us feel Comfortable on an Artificial World and tend make us Hang Back of the Others,however it’s Normaly!

YOLO or You Only Live Online is one of the Trends in Nowadays,please don’t feel Worry,because it’s Alright,if not too Over!

Many people feels Addict to the Cyber World and Hang Back of the Real World,but it’s Normally in Nowadays!

YOLO when Gadget and other Computers has Take Over our life and became a second life,but step by step will be our first life (at the Worst!).

How About You Mate? (No Offence)



PS : I was shoot all photos above in June,8 2014,use my tiny and small photo camera its part of Sony Ericsson W302.

Fotografi, Kehidupan

#YOLO (Definitely Maybe It’s Become Normally In Nowadays)


Kau Blokir Saja!

Cyber World or Internet World is one of Most Dangerously Place in the world,and we knew about that! And Don’t thiking ever that Cyber World is look like a Playgroup,if you thiking like that,you are Totally Wrong! Basically your presence on Social Media Line,you like talking with Ghosts,because you just know them through its Papers,Status and a Weird Avatar,in some cases,they used a Fake Portrait,obviously you never see them in the Real World!

Nowadays when connected to internet is more easiest and of course you feel more easiest also for make a secret identity on the Social Media (whatever!) that Huge Opposite of your Identity in the Real World,some persons of us it is look like a Loser in the Real World on other hand it is a Tough Person or a Celeb Twitt on the Social Media Line.

When you feel Amazed by a Celeb Twitt who have over Thousand Follower,maybe it is no have Anything or an Unemployed in the Real World! So Don’t Worry,if it is not Follow Back or Ignore about you as if you are the Wind,because you are look like a Peanut with Little Followers,that’s why you seem very Poor in the Twitter Land ๐Ÿ™‚

Once the time,you got involved at Heat and Blind Debate,with someone on Social Media Line,who never you know it before,it is like a Ghost,i guess,perhaps you are a Ghost also (No Offence!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Ghost and Ghost or Ghost meet Ghost that involved at Heat and Blind Debate and tend Boiled as a Volcano!

You has involved on Heat and Blind Debate with someone who never you know it before and it got satisfaction from making fools of others (including at you!),then you feel Broke Up,because you has Lost Your Temper,on other hand it is Retwitt,your Twitts in order its Follower will give some favor for Bullying at you,and definitely maybe you will get risk for facing a Lawsuit (it’s True and there some countries that have a Cyber Law or an Internet Law),because it is Edit your Tweets. Life is too Beautiful,so don’t let your Stupidly or By Mistake being a Nightmare!

Mocking,Trolling and Bullying in Nowadays,they is Normal on the Social Media,but we won’t be a Bastard on other hand we won’t be a Victim of a Bastard,the way is very simple,you just Blocked them! (whole the Bastards!). Usually Facebook,Twitter,Blogspot and WordPress also other Social Media Lines has a Blocking Knob and the Knob will protect your life on Cyber World and in Real World.

I sure you don’t Look For a Stranger Knocking your door in Saturday or Sunday Morning,because it is able tracking at you through your Account or your Blog on Social Media Line,it’s look like Scarry,isn’t?! That’s why you should don’t feel Hesitate ever when will to push at a Blocking Knob.

If only Internet or Social Media is never exist in the Modern Life,Maybe our Life is not more complicated, and obviously whole our Arguments on Social Media Line has make our life is more Complicated. Mr Andy Warhol is Right about its Thought or Prediction,”Someday Someone Is Able Be Famous In 15 Minute”. I think many people on Social Media Line in Nowadays,they like that and tends “Mercurial” (too Moody or too Reactioner). But it’s will be make your Life in Danger Situation,because Cyber World is a Forest with many Savage Animals (it’s True!) and Blocking Knob is a Shield!

You will not be Lose Face or you seem As If a Coward,because you do it for your Goodness!

You are able used a Blocking Knob for Block It Behind Its Back and you can Goes On your Life,like an example Above!

Kehidupan, Tips

You Are Not A Coward When You Blocked Someone


Dua Telepon Genggam


Pada dasarnya Sebuah Telepon Genggam (biasa pula disebut sebagai Hape dan dalam Bahasa Malaysia disebut sebagai Telepon Bimbit) tidak beda jauh dengan Alat Komunikasi Modern lainnya dan kegunaannya adalah untuk saling Berkomunikasi di antara kita. Filosofi untuk sebuah Telepon Genggam adalah “Mudah Untuk Dibawa Kemana-mana” dan “Bisa Dipergunakan Untuk Dimana Saja”.

Telepon Genggam mengalami Evolusi dari seukuran sebuah Batu Bata sampai hampir setipis sebuah Majalah.

Belakangan ini kemunculan Telepon Genggam baru ibarat “Jamur Yang Tumbuh Di Musim Hujan”,karena beragam model terbaru bermunculan hampir setiap hari,dengan beragam tawaran teknologi yang akan memanjakan kita pula.

Inilah Telepon Genggam Kesayanganku!


Aku mempergunakan Telepon Genggam Di atas yang merknya Sony Ericsson W302 sejak awal tahun 2010,meskipun bentuknya tipis dan kecil,telepon genggam di atas itu,enak dipakai untuk berselancar di Dunia Siber,menelepon,mengirimkan SMS dan tentu saja untuk menjepret (tapi tustelnya hanya 2 mega piksel). Ukuran Telepon Genggam Kesayanganku ini lebih kecil dari Telapak Tangan Orang Dewasa (seperti sebuah Kartu Kredit atau Alat yang dipergunakan untuk Berkomunikasi dalam Filem Startrek).

Hanya untuk Berkomunikasi dan Menjepret,Apa Kita Memerlukan Salah Satu Telepon Genggam Yang Terdapat Paling Atas (Passport Dan iPhone 6) ?


Apa Kita Memerlukan Dua Telepon Genggam Ini?



I knew about life on the Social Media circa June 2009 through Facebook,basically my knowledge about Cyber World is only Browsing and Browsing also To Send Message,so the Facebook is my first exprience running a life on the Social Media,then i feel very addict about Facebook,and i made some Stupidly on Facebook,because i am an Innocent Facebooker ๐Ÿ™‚

In circa July 2011,i was make a decision for sign out from Facebook World for forever (actually i was kill my Account Facebook!).

I think life on Facebook World is Around The Clock make us (no offence other Facebookers) become an Imposter,a Liar and a Stalker,it’s make our life is more Anxiety and more Full Sins too.

Is Twitter a New Religion?

As Soon As i sign out from Facebook World for forever and i go to Twitter Land tomorow,then i aware that i can not left the Social Media World at all ๐Ÿ™‚

In Nowadays Twitter is Leading as a Place for Life in Social Media,and The Twitter have request to us for “Bawa Selalu Twitter Bersama Anda” (Please Always Carry Twitter With You).

PS : Word of Anda is more polite for used when you call someone who more older than you or on Formal Situation,in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia,but in Basa Maranao (one of Language from Mindanao),Word of Anda is meaning “Where”.


Almost A Religion (Definitely Maybe Yes!)


Before i typing this,i didn’t mean not respect to other faiths or religions,but not all community or people have or running a Common Standard about the Law or a Life Style with people in the Western World,about Medieval Law.for this you can compare with the Law from “Torah”,Shariah Law or the Islamic Law is have many similarties with other Abrahamic Religions (Jewish,Christian and Islam),if you know many more about similiarties among them (Abrahamic Religion),you not will judging directly that is Cruel,Unhumanist and Uncivilized.

When you search about Source mostly the System Law in a Western World or in a Secular State in Nowadays,you will found its source from Greek or from some Greek Philosophers and some thoughts from some Philosophers are Debatable,tend Dangerous and Blur also Subtitle.

I have some examples for this,it will Blowing your mind ; when Nyepi Day (if you want to know about the Bali Island and Nyepi Day,you can googling them),then you visit,you must Obey some rules that Definitely Maybe,it will make you feel Stress or not Comfort,because you must stay in your Place (maybe at a home or at an airport),till Nyepi Day is the end. Definitely Maybe you will feel Angry or One’s Temper then you asking “This Is What For”.the Answer is “All Community Or People Have Itself Rule And You Can Not Directly To Judging Them”.

When you visit to Vatican,Definitely Maybe (no offence),you will not feel comfort or not willing agree with some rules (tend disagree),especially if you are a Pebesthyrian,a Mormon,a Orthodox and a Muslim,a Jews also Free Thinkers,but it’s their Rules or Law,and we must appreciate that.


I Support Sultan Hasanal Bolkiahย 

I am a Muslim and i always try to be a Devout Muslim,i Believe that all things in The Universe or in The Sky and The World,it’s God Mine,that’s why me and other Muslims must Obey to its Rule. Some people are disagree with his Policy,but he is only did his Fundamental Right as a Muslim. If you were a Free Thinker and a Democracy Supporter,you should not forbid his Policy or Hates him,because it’s one of Free Will an part off Democracy. Shariah Law or Islamic Law in Brunei it’s only for Muslims,look like Torah Law for Jewish,i think if you a Good Christian or a Devout Christian,it’s better you using some rules or law from Bible (Abrahamic Religions). When you took about The Human Rights,how about Human Rights Muslim for running or using a Law from their Faith?







We have a Different Standard (off course)




When your Credit is Empty or Not Enough for Surfing on the Cyber World,then you feel Annoyed or Stress ๐Ÿ™‚ but it’s normally in Nowadays .

When you to know your Credit is Not Enough for Surfing or Playing on the Cyber World,suddenly you feel your day is Blank and that’s a Bad News for you.

Unconnected with the Cyber World is one of Ruiner our Happines in Nowadays (Definitely Maybe).



One Of Ruiner Our Happines In Nowadays