When i was stop in 7 eleven for the lunch (Thursday April,14 2016),i meet them,then i try make some conversation with one of them,before i make some conversation with them,i thought,they from Uzbekistan (because their Language – i knew they took in one of Turk Languages-Mongolic-Ural Altaic and their Phenotype,it’s Mongolic Central Asia),untill one of them,say to me,that “I am Hazara”,mmmmmmmm,….I know about Afghanistan People,that there two Definition for Tribes or Ethnics in Afghanistan,they is TURK and FARS,when i took to him (one of Hazaras),he is refuse my point about their people is part of TURK (Linguistic and Genetically),it’s okay i understand about this and i appreciate his point.

Antropologi, Bahasa, Fotografi, Jakarta

An Afternoon With Two Hazaras (It’s Only About An Anthropology Conversation)


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