The fact many Hacking Attacks,it’s happen,when you left a wifi spot (in Bahasa Indonesia,we usually calling WARNET – Warung Telekomunikasi),because your Neglect or your Fault,it’s forget for CLEAR YOUR BROWSING DATA. Your Browsing Data Is A Potential Target For Hackers or Someone who sunddely feel interested with your PATH on the Cyber World or some your BROWSING DATA. In Another Case is more worst! When You Forget for SIGN OUT from your blog or your mini blog.

Originaly is easy for Avoid the case,after you feel Sastifaction with your Adventure on the Cyber World,you could going to HISTORY or SAFETY (if you use internet explorer browser) then you CLEAR All!

Remind This Thing! WIFI SPOT is one of Dangerous Place in the world!


Please Don’t Forget For Doing This!


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