Ketidak-Adilan Media Utama

John Lennon Says “No Problem Only Solution”,but if you wish to solve any problem you should found the source or the trigger,i made an analogy for this case,”If You Want To Extinguish Any Fire You Should Found The Source”,A Malay Proverb Says “There No Any Haze Without The Fire” (Tak Ada Asap Tanpa Api).

When someone or any people got some UNFAIR treatment or UNJUSTICE treatment,they will Angry,Fury and Sadly.

In spite It’s go by for decades,but some bad emotions is still living on Our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

Pikiran Kita

If you all learn about the history as well,you will to know,that COLONIALISM and IMPERIALISM,will left the Problems (Wishing Revenge or Vendetta Feeling for all victims).

When a Powerful State Attack a Unpowerful State (of course with a Superior Feeling.Facist And Cheunevist,the Powerfull State feels like that! – Usually) and Conqueror like the Pizzarro (he is one of Barbaric Conqueror),he has killing many Indian People with COLD BLOOD.

You can asking about MISERY,FURY and SADLY because Colonialism and Imperialism to Scottish,Tibetan,Palestine,Iraq and Catalan,Pilipino also South Africa People,Indian,Irish.

HATERED rising because UNFAIR and UNJUSTICE in Our World.

Because of Some Words has Corrupted!

 Sekali Lagi Tentang Terorisme

Many Mainstream Media Has Corrupted These Words,they is TERRORIST and TERRORISM. I think the people who fooled by the Mainstream Medias,should read again the Dictionary for Clear Up the Meaning Words TERRORIST and TERRORISM.

Who Is The Terrorist

For Blowing your mind i was pick and bring some example about TERRORIST and TERRORISM,i hope these example it’s able make you all realized that TERRORIST and TERRORISM have many forms and many ideology too

Melawan Keganasan Sejak 1492

They Were Fighting Terrorism Since 1492

Terorisme RRC

Terrorism By The State (Communist China People)


Penembakan Di Amerika Serikat

Terorrism By The Person


Tibet 2

Terrorism By The State (2)


Beragam Perbuatan Terorisme

The Media Mainsterams Is  The Imposter!





PS :There some pictures from


If You Want To Extinguish Any Fire You Should Found The Source


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