Once a day,in the place that (more than less) Fifthy Five Lights Year from our Earth,a Bunch or a Tribe (it’s a Primitive Life look like in Amazon Forest!) who doing greeting at the night,and they look at to a Star (its Our Sun!),then they make a Discussion about us! 🙂

The Alien 1 (who pointing his finger to a star) : I guess there some creatures like us out of there,on a planet that in around a star.

The Chief (He is more Tallest than others!) : Mmmmmmmmm,……Definitely Maybe,but for support a life,the Environment must like on our planet or ALIKE!

The Alien 2 (Second of the left side!) : Mmmmmmmmmm,……I guess not always like Environment on our planet,exactly APPROACHING.

The Alien 1 : I feel Curious about that!

The Chief : Same with you!

The Alien 2 : Did you think someone like us on a planet they thinking like us about this case?

The Chief,The Alien 1 and The Alien 2 : Perhaps!

The Paranormal (First of the right side!) : I got a VISION that in the Future our Great Grand Sons will go to there.

The Chief,The Alien 1 and The Alien 2 : Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,…….


Meanwhile on our planet (Fifthy Five Lights Year from their planet).


There are two men make a diccusion also about them! (it’s a QUANTUM View!)

The Man 1 (He is Standing and speaking about a Curiousity Case!) : I guess when you look to a star,someone is talking about us on a planet that in around that star.

The Man 2 (He is Using a Telescope) : It’s a PRETTY VALID POINT!

The Man 2 : QUANTUMCALLY Is Definitely Maybe,and it is not a Pseudo Science,but Physic Law is a Big Problem to us.

The Man 1 : In the past time someone will says about Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein Thoughts,THEY IS BULLSHIT! In present time we knows that they (Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein) are Right!

The Man 1 : I hope someday in the future,our Great Grand Sons will go to there!

The Man 2 : I Hope So,Mate!


Two Views From Quantum


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