This is about a thought that against a mainstream thought from Jakarta or Java Island and it’s about a Debatable and Controversy of History also will be a Heated Debate every April 21! Basically my sound it’s look like Scottish People,Basque People,Tibetan People,Catalan People and Moslem Mindanao People also Hawaian People who against Opressor from  Center of Power.

There are many woman heros or bravely women in Nusantara or Malay Archipelago or Bani Jawi Archipelago,such Cut Nyak Dhien,Siti Malahayati,Cut Meutiah,Rohana Kudus,Hajjah Rangkayo Rasuna Said and Dewi Sartika also many more (mmmmm…If you all feels curious about this you all can googling). I think,it’s easy to you all for meet or see a Hard Woman or Bravely Woman are Hero in a Real Life for Examples Your Mother,Your Teacher and Your Aunt also your Wife. Hari Kartini or Kartini Day is a Real Discrimination and Corruption or History,when our Government,Opportunist,Linkers and some Sheeples also some Nationalist Bigots who Corruption our History.

RA Kartini (Raden Ajeng Kartini) she is just writing some mail to her best friend in Netherland,she is look like a Good Blogger,if you all compare her with us,it’s meaning we able become a HERO! (maybe someday) or a Potential Hero,i made an Analogy about her in the present time,and i compare with some bloggers,on other hand i Appreciate her,because she is a Stuborn and a Good Women,unfortunetly there some people who used her with purpose corrupt our history.

Very Bravely Women

Cut Nyak Dhien and Siti Malahayati,both is very bravely women from Aceh,once the time Siti Malahayati with her squad is able defeated the Dutch Navy in Malacca Strait and Cut Nyak Dhien against the Kingdom of Dutch,and she is never surrender,till she is alienation to Sumedang (Pasundan Land),both is Very Bravely Women who deserve get more appreciate than RA Kartini!

Please Asking Why!!!

RA Kartini


    Result of to MISTIFY a HISTORY!

Ditipu Oleh Sejarah Bohong!


Because Of She Is Not My Hero! (With Appreciate To Whole Bravely Women)


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