My Exprience with a Weird Weather,it’s since circa December 2001,it’s an Anomaly,or an Abnormal Wheather. When in the Rainy Season,suddenly there a Hot Day or couple Hot Days,then the Flood in Summer. There Some Opinions about the Weird Weather,some people says “It’s A Climate Change or some people says “It’s A Geo Engineering” ,then some Experts says “It’s A Cycle Has Run For Thousand Years”,Okay It’s Look Like make Confused for us! 🙂 on other hand we Should Aware that our Life and our Enviromment is very Fragile.

By the way about a Weird Wheather,you all can see two pictures above,it’s about An Anomaly or a Weird Wheather in April,2 2011. I think too early a Hot Day in Early April (April still Rainy Season in my Country).

Cuaca, Jakarta

A Hot Day In April


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