Ragunan (2010-1)

In my city,Motor Cycle is more many than Car,definitely maybe almost one person in my city have a Motor Cycle (this is TRUE! And you all can compare this with people who living in Amsterdam),it’s Normally when you visit to my city,you will see this Situation or Atmosphere like a Potrait like above!

In June,15 2010,in around Ragunan,Southern Jakarta,when i was at a Busway,i hear Sound as a Bee Bunch at a Traffic Jam,so spontanly i grab my Beloved Mobile Phone (Sony Ericsson W 302),for made some Potraits,one of them,you all see Above.

I sure it’s make you all feels Dizzy and Confused! 🙂

Fotografi, Jakarta

Sound As A Bee Bunch


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