Nowadays we are Human Kind has Spoiled by Virtual Technology,it’s make us feel Comfortable on an Artificial World and tend make us Hang Back of the Others,however it’s Normaly!

YOLO or You Only Live Online is one of the Trends in Nowadays,please don’t feel Worry,because it’s Alright,if not too Over!

Many people feels Addict to the Cyber World and Hang Back of the Real World,but it’s Normally in Nowadays!

YOLO when Gadget and other Computers has Take Over our life and became a second life,but step by step will be our first life (at the Worst!).

How About You Mate? (No Offence)



PS : I was shoot all photos above in June,8 2014,use my tiny and small photo camera its part of Sony Ericsson W302.

Fotografi, Kehidupan

#YOLO (Definitely Maybe It’s Become Normally In Nowadays)


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