Sejarah Batik


I always thiking in my mind,”How About The Others?”. It’s Koteka (Papua),Kain Tapis Lampung (Lampung-Sumatera),Ulos (North Sumatera) and Sasirangan (South Borneo – ),Songket and Karawo (Gorontalo) also Tattooing or Tatto (its original Art and most oldest Art from Austronesian People or Bumantara People,term or name “Bumantara” is origin from Sutan Alisyahbana’s Thought),when give a Privilege only one Cloth or a Traditional Shirt as National Identity,that is really unjust and tend to marginal Indonesian Citizens from other regions,they are West Papua,Celebes (Sulawesi),Sumatera and Kalimantan (Indonesia Borne0) also Mollucas (Maluku Archipelago),when someone says that there Batik Sumatera or Batik Kalimantan,i think it is Fool Around and took about Rubbish!

October,2 2014 for Hari Batik Nasional (National Batik Day) Should Better is never Exist.

Who is Kalimantan People Weaving “Batik” (Membatik) or Sumatera People Weaving “Batik” (Membatik)? Batik Cloth or Batik Art in Sumatera its origin from Java Island and Bring it to Sumatera. My Grand Mother (from Lubis Clan) have “Ulos” and Obviously its not “Batik”!

My Grand Father (he is mixed Acehnese and Mandailingnese) was born in Lhokseumawe,Aceh and he never said there Acehnese who weaving “Batik”.

If there “Batik” Art in Aceh,its origin from some Javanese People who living in Gampong Jawa (Jawa Town).

Please Don’t Fool us,because we are (Sumateranese) not Stupid!

Nusantara is very Rich and all Kind about Making Basket Case Art  or Weaving Art,but why Privilege its only for “Batik”?

“Batik” Art in Java Island,actually a Printing Art from China that growing in around North Java Island Coast,make an Art from China or Made In China as National Identity is Reclless Idea!

Loving a Great Art is  Naturally Feeling and not Result from a Foolish,when to promotion an Art Work is too Over,it’s will be make Audiences feels Fed Up (me one of them!),even with softly Repressive added some Foolishs also,that’s make me more Fed Up and Furious! (I think you all too!).

Art Work or Art Creation is about Freewill for Loving Something or Someone,when an Art Work or an Art Creation is too much involved in Politic or part of Propaganda that tend Facist,its will be Boring,i sure you all Going Vomit! 🙂

Hari Busana Nusantara (Among Islands Fashion Day) will give Respectful for all Art Fashions in Nusantara and No Except,that’s why i am Shouting Hari Busana Nusantara is Better!


Hari Busana Nusantara is Better!


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