I feel Suprised,when i knew there a National Day for an Oppressor or a Bringer Oppressor,in the Country that made a Claim,that we are most Civilized Community,Democracy and Educated in the World Wide also etc!

No Doubt the Christopher Columbus and His Men are part of Slaughter,Torturer and Raper also Robber who Bring Disaster to Indian People!

What Do You Think About A National Day for a Murder your People!!!??

Fuck Columbus Day!



When You Think About Terrorism or Threated by Terrorism everyday since 15 Century ago,you can asked that question to American Indian People!

I sure,you will to know many more about Definition Terrorism from American Indian People!

Why there a National Day for a Real Terorrist!?

Melawan Keganasan Sejak 1492


That’s Why I am Shouting “FUCK COLUMBUS DAY”!!!


Fuck Columbus Day!!!


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