Tatoo,Tatooing and To Tatoo also Tatag in Tagalog/Pilipino,it’s one of Oldest Ritual and Original Art from Austronesian,Malayo-Polynesian,Nusantara and Bumantara People  (Bumantara is term its made by Mr Sutan Alisyahbana,it means People Who Living Between Two Ocean,it’s Pasifik and Hindia,the People are Austronesian-Malayo-Polynesian People). I took about a Zone Civilization that seized over Half Globe,from Rapa Nui Island and Madagascar Island. Main Definition Tatoo or To Tatoo is “Drawing For Permanently The Body” in ancient time is part of herarchy in a community,and amulet too! Before our Ancestors convert to Hindu,Budha and Islam also Christian,they were did art and ritual. My Religion (Islam) is Probhited Straightly this Ritual and Art (No Offence,because this True!).

Papua Island is Opposite Linguistically and Race with Austronesian People/Nusantara People who majority Brown Skined with Straight Black Hair (we knowing as Malayan Mongoloid Race- Proto and Deutro). Other name for Melanesia People are Lapita Nation,in Ancient Time they were Great Sailors (Unfortunetly in Indonesian Book History,particulary for History Lesson in the School,almost never learned – It’s Sadly and Realy Unfair!).

Melanesia People or Lapita Nation are one part most oldest race in the world,it’s Negrid. Basically our Ancestors from Africa,if you still believe in the hoax,that our ancestors from Southern China,it’s really Hoax and Pseudo Science! http://www.bradshawfoundation.com/journey/

Biak and Sepik

Biak and Sepik,both in Eastern Coast Papua (Biak-West Papua and Sepik Province in Papua Nugini) got influence from Austronesian Sailors or Austronesian Traders in Ancient Time. For the Proven : Biak Language bulk with some words from Austronesia Words  : One = Iser (Satu) Two = Suru,Three = Kyor (Tiga),Four = Fyak (Empat),Five = Rim (Lima),Six = Wonem (Enam),Seven = Fik (Tujuh),Eight = War (Delapan),Nine = Siw (Sembilan),Ten = Samfur (Sepuluh) and with some words from Tagalog/Pilipino Language : Isa = Iser  Dalawa = Suru,Tatlo = Kyor,Ampat = Fyak,Lima = Rim,Anim = Wonem,Pito = Fik,Walo = War,Siyam = Siw,Sampo = Samfur.

Proven Influence from Austronesian People in Sepik Art and Ritual,through a “Pseudo Tatoo” Art and Ritual,i call “Pseudo Tatoo” because To Tatoo is Drawing For Permanetly The Body not To Carving The Body. But it’s True Evidence The Influence from Austronesian People in Ancient Time.

It’s Look Like So Painly,But i really Respect to that People who Very Bravely!


Pseudo Tatoo From Melanesia Nation


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