Tunog Ng Tagalog

Many Similarties among Bahasa Indonesia,Bahasa Malaysia and Some Languages from Sumatera,i could give some Examples for Prove It and i will Startly from Lampung Language,Word Of Buwok and Word Of Buhok (Tagalog-Pilipino),both of have similarties in pronunciation and definition,it’s Hair. In Tapanuli/Batak Languages (from Northern Sumatera) “Ina” is meaning Mother,and same in pronunciation and definition with Word Of Ina in Tagalog/Pilipino Language that means Mother. “Inang Wika” is meaning Mother Tongue. Mr Jose Riza Said ” If You Don’t Love Your Language (His Mean Our Mother Tongue) Obviously It’s More Insult Than Animal And A Rotten Fish”. Nowadays English is too Rules as Language,and have many potential for kill all Native Languages or Mother Tongue in around the World. I think Mr Jose Rizal are look like a Fortune Teller when he is made a Describe or an Analogy about Situation in Present Day.

Jose Rizal

Tagalog/Pilipino Language With Sunda Language

I think is not usually or no mainsteram,when i am comparing some words from Sunda Language or Basa Sunda,but it’s Interesting too!

The Fact about Sunda Language,in Indonesia the Language have Native Speakers are over 40 Millions People,and some words from that language have similarties with Tagalog/Pilipino Language. According Mr Sangkot Marzuki’s Research (he is a Head in Lembaga Eijkman Indonesia),Genetically of Sumatera People and Sunda People are Nearby or Similar. More interesting many Pop Malay Band from Pasundan (Sundanese People Homeland) https://hitambesar.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/dont-judge-from-face-book-because-this-is-a-good-band/

Here some words from Sunda and Tagalog/Pilipino that similar in pronunciation and definition :

1. Man = Lalaki (Sunda),Lalaki (Tagalog-Pilipino)

2. Head = Hulu (Sunda),Ulo (Tagalog-Pilipino)

3. Straight,Continue,Continuely,Go On = Tuluy (Sunda),Tuloy (Tagalog-Pilipino)

4. Knee = Tuur (Sunda),Tuhod (Tagalog-Pilipino)

5. Stinky = Bau (Sunda),Baho (Tagalog-Pilipino)

6. Noise = Irung (Sunda),Ilong (Tagalog-Pilipino)

7. Drink = Inum (Sunda),Inom (Tagalog-Pilipino)

8. Hair = Buuk (Sunda),Buhok (Tagalog-Pilipino)

9. Mesquito Net = Kulambu (Sunda),Kulambo (Tagalog-Pilipino)

10. Key = Sosi (Sunda),Susi (Tagalog-Pilipino)

11. Cooking Poot = Pariuk (Sunda),Palyok (Tagalog-Pilipino)

12. Star Fruit = Balingbing (Sunda),Balimbing (Tagalog-Pilipino)

13. Path = Tapak (Sunda),Tapak (Tagalog-Pilipino)

The Blog above is about Tagalog/Pilipino Language in a Sumateranese Perspective,if you want to know many more please visit to http://tunogngtagalog.blogspot.com/

PS : Tagalog or Taga-Ilog is meaning “River” (Ilog) “Man” (Taga). Picture of Jose Rizal in Middle Above from https://twitter.com/adembarissever


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Tagalog/Pilipino Language In A Sumateranese Perspective


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