Summer make me feel suffer and killing my Romantic Feeling,Around Of Clock is hot and make Lost My Temper (sometimes i feel Going Mad!).

When i am looking to my Plants in my Garden,my Plants feels is Same with me,i think me and my Plants,we have Common Sense about Summer Time!

I feel Sunburst in my Skin,when i walk to Outside,it’s Hot as Ant’s Bite,when Summer Time Walking in Outside in Jakarta is very Suffered,look like a Nigthmare!

The Night in Summer Time make me feel Hard To Sleep Away,It’s make me want Take A Bath with Ice!

In Tropic Country like my Country Humidity or Hot Weather make Mosquitos feels very Happy,they did a Party and my Bloods for their Banquet!

My Sweat is Pouring as the Rain and i need more many Drinks (Absolutely No Alcohol!),also Ice Cream!

I Wanna Swiming on an Ice Water Pool!

I Wanna Be Naked! (I am Sorry!)

The Summer Time make me feel more Anxiety about my Plants!

I Miss Rainy and i Adore the Rain!

Jakarta is a Cruel City,the Summer Time make Jakarta more Cruel!

Hot is Cruel!

Hot is Shit!

Summer Time and Hot Days in Jakarta is Teribble!

PS : All Photos Above i was shoot use my Tiny and Small Photo Camera that part of my Mobile Phone is Sony Ericsson W302 in September,1 2012.

Aku, Jakarta

I Hates Summer! (In Jakarta City)


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