I knew about life on the Social Media circa June 2009 through Facebook,basically my knowledge about Cyber World is only Browsing and Browsing also To Send Message,so the Facebook is my first exprience running a life on the Social Media,then i feel very addict about Facebook,and i made some Stupidly on Facebook,because i am an Innocent Facebooker πŸ™‚

In circa July 2011,i was make a decision for sign out from Facebook World for forever (actually i was kill my Account Facebook!).

I think life on Facebook World is Around The Clock make us (no offence other Facebookers) become an Imposter,a Liar and a Stalker,it’s make our life is more Anxiety and more Full Sins too.

Is Twitter a New Religion?

As Soon As i sign out from Facebook World for forever and i go to Twitter Land tomorow,then i aware that i can not left the Social Media World at all πŸ™‚

In Nowadays Twitter is Leading as a Place for Life in Social Media,and The Twitter have request to us for “Bawa Selalu Twitter Bersama Anda” (Please Always Carry Twitter With You).

PS : Word of Anda is more polite for used when you call someone who more older than you or on Formal Situation,in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia,but in Basa Maranao (one of Language from Mindanao),Word of Anda is meaning “Where”.


Almost A Religion (Definitely Maybe Yes!)


2 respons untuk β€˜Almost A Religion (Definitely Maybe Yes!)’

  1. I don’t like either of them. In fact, the only social networking I take part in is blogging.
    This means I never get insulted, or sworn at, or abused ! πŸ™‚

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