I want spread some tricks and tell about my exprience in the Twitter Land for over three years,it’s about get some Followers through the Follow Back,actually this is an easy and cheap and off course it’s safety. When you look to account who you want get a follow back or you want follow back each other,you must focus  about Following and Follower on it’s Account.

According my exprience for three years about Follow Back on the Twitter Land,i always looking an Account is following more many than it is followed. For Example following 300 and have follower 100 (300-100=200 unfollow back is +200) and following 400 and have follower 100 also following 100 and have follower 20,even following 100 and have follower 10.


Definitely Maybe.you will get a Follow Back or more Follow Backs

I give many more examples about some account on  the Twitter Land that have a lot potential for do follow back.

a Following 400 and have Followers 300

b Following 300 and have Followers 100

c Following 200 and have Followers 50

d Following 100 and have Followers 30

For found these accounts above you can use a tag (whatever or depends your passion to something),in other hand,i don’t suggest to you all for following an account that following 500,but only have followers 15,both is tend a Spammers who spread virus or get at crack your computer (it’s not always,however vigilant is better).


Ups! I forget write these words,after you following an account like above,it’s better you looking to followers directly,because Usually its follower have follower is more little than some account that it is following,for example Follower’s an account following 400 and have followers 100,have a Follower that following 75 and have followers 20,also etc,you will found more many account that have a lot potential for do Follow Back.

Growing as Leafs

If you did the trick for ge some followers,your followers will be grow as leafs on the tree (a picture above is a sureleastically or an analogy about our follower who growing become more many),hour to hour,day to day and week to week untill moth to moth,then you are a Celebtwitt 🙂


Follow Back Potential or The Way For Get a Follow Back or More Follow Backs


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