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When you visit to Malaysia,then you turn your Adventure to Batam and Jakarta,Definitely Maybe you will confused by some words that similar in pronunciation and means or definitions,but there some Difference,actually it’s like British English and American English,Urdu and Hindi also Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic.

Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia from one Roots,and the Root is Bahasa Melayu Riau-Johor

I will give some examples for this Topic,and i hope you all will be understand about our Language.

Mau and Mahu 

Mau in Bahasa Indonesia and Mahu in Bahasa Malaysia,Mau and Mahu meaning Want or Wish,there some difference in Pronunciation,but it is same in the mean or definition.

Kerena and Karena

Kerena in Bahasa Indonesia and Karena in Bahasa Malaysia,Kerena and Karena meaning Because or Because Of,there some difference in Pronunciation,but it is same in the mean or definition.

Bahwa and Bahawa

Bahwa in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahawa in Bahasa Malaysia,Bahwa and Bahawa meaning That,but just for Auxiliary and not for Pointing Something,for example “I Believe That You Are Right”. Bahwa and Bahawa is same in the mean and definition,but it is little different in Pronunciation.

Heran and Hairan

Heran in Bahasa Indonesia and Hairan in Bahasa Malaysia. Heran and Hairan meaning Wonder. For example Saya Heran (Bahasa Indonesia) and Saya Hairan (Bahasa Malaysia),but you can used this words also Aku Heran or Aku Hairan. in daily language in Jakarta we using this words also Gue Heran or Gua Heran. For You Information about Jakarta Dialect or Betawi Dialect,not only used in Jakarta and around,it’s become part of Bahasa Indonesia too.

Resmi and Rasmi

Resmi in Bahasa Indonesia and Rasmi in Bahasa Malaysia. Resmia and Rasmi meaning Official,there some difference in Pronunciation,it is same in the mean and definition.


In Bahasa Indonesia Word of Senang,it’s only used for showing definition “Feel Satisfaction”,”Liked”,”Feel Happy”and “No One That Make It Trouble”,but in Bahasa Malaysia it’s ideal used in definition “Easy” or “Not Busy”.

For examples ;

A) Soalan Peperiksaan Tahun Ini Senang (Bahasa Malaysia) and Pertanyaan Ujian Tahun Ini Mudah (Bahasa Indonesia),it means in English is ” Question Exam This Year,It’s Easy”.

B) Datanglah Ke Rumah Saya Bila Senang (Bahasa Malaysia) and Tidak Sibuk (Bahasa Indonesia),it means in English is Please Come To My Home When Not Busy.


Word of Harus that Synonym with Word of Mesti (Bahasa Malaysia),and Harus (Bahasa Indonesia) and Mesti also Harus (Bahasa Malaysia) meaning Must. But Word of Harus could meaning Maybe in Bahasa Malaysia,for examples ;

A) Hari Ini Cuaca Mendung Sekali,Harus Sekejap Lagi Hujan (Today Weather Is Very Cloudy,Maybe Will Be Rainy-It’s has translated from Bahasa Malaysia).

B) Aku Harus Pergi (I Must Go-It’s has translated from Bahasa Indonesia).

So,there some difference or little difference about definition for Word of Harus in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia,i think for this i can call it as a Semantic Polarition.

Sulit and Sukar

Word of Sulit not only described definition Not Easy or Difficult in Bahasa Malaysia,but it’s used for definition Secret (Rahasia),and in Bahasa Indonesia Sulit and Sukar only for described a definition about Difficult or Something That Not Easy.

For examples ;

A) Perkara Itu Sungguh Sulit,Tidak Boleh Diketahui Oleh Orang Lain (That Thing Is Very Secretly,Not Allowed Anybody Else Know-It’s has translated from Bahasa Malaysia).

B) Mencari Pekerjaan Di Kota Jakarta,Belakangan Ini Sulit (Searching A Job in Jakarta City,Nowadays is  Difficult-it’s has translated from Bahasa Indonesia).

The Interesting Fact about Word of Sulit in Bahasa Malaysia have various means or definitions about Secretly and in Bahasa Indonesia Word of Sulit only meaning Difficult,one more a cases about a  Semantic Polarition in the Language.

Air Kosong and Air Putih 

In Bahasa Malaysia,Air Kosong meaning a Cup Water Without Anything (Ice,Milk and Chocolate also etc),when someone took about Air Kosong,literary is meaning “Empty Water”,but the True Mean,it’s not about Empty Water,but about A Cup Water Without Anything. So you can order or drink,when you feel Thirsty and A Cup Water or more that is good for your Healthy.

In Bahasa Indonesia,Air Putih meaning A Cup Water Without Anything (Ice,Milk and Chocolate also etc),and Air Putih is not Dairy Water,because its name “Air Putih” that meaning White Water,for this you directly imagine Milk or Dairy Water.

So if you feel thirsty you can order or drink Air Putih or Air Kosong.

Telepon Genggam and Telefon Bimbit

In Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia,the Mobile Phone is meaning Telepon Genggam (Bahasa Indonesia) and Telefon Bimbit (Bahasa Malaysia). In Bahasa Indonesia,the Mobile Phone is called “Hape” also,nowadays Word of Hape is more popular for Mobile Phone in Indonesia.


In Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia,Word of Jemput is same in Pronunciation,in other hand it’s have difference in definition. For examples ; in Bahasa Indonesia,Jemput meaning To Call For,but in Bahasa Malaysia,Jemput meaning Please Take and Invited. Basically Word of Jemput is a Semantic Polarition Case,it’s like difference definition or various means for Word of Asa. In Bahasa Indonesia,Bahasa Malaysia and Pilipino/Tagalog,Asa meaning Hope,but in Iban Language it’s meaning Disappointed.


In Bahasa Indonesia,if you took about Jimat in Bahasa Indonesia,Absolutely you took about a Magic Stuff or an Amulet,but in Bahasa Malaysia,Jimat meaning Save or Save Something,for example in Bahasa Malaysia ; Jimatkanlah Kredit Telefon Bimbitmu (Please Save Your Credit Mobile Phone) or Jimatkan Duitmu (Please Save Your Money). For your information in Islamic Thought,if you used an Amulet (Jimat) it’s a Major Sin,because Used An Amulet Is Part Of The Pagan Ritual.

Basically a Language is not only about a “Noun”,but a “Verb” also,because the Language is a Thing that Alive and  always Growing Up and Change every time.


Please Don’t Be Confused (Because we are from one Roots)


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