Before i give some opinions about this band,you must to know,i am a lover for Rock,Blues Celtic and Dangdut (for this you can googling) Classic also some others Mainstream Music. Definitely Maybe you or me will do judge (shortly),when hear or read this name Dadali,then we says “What The Fuck”,”What This”and “Who Is Dadali”. Some Wisely Words is Reminder to us,that we not allowed do the judge from face book,and face book is able fool us or make blinded our mind (it’s true!).

For example ; like life in Facebook that fool you or you has fooled by Facebook Life.

About this music,some music experts call it “Malay Pop” (Pop Melayu) and there some music experts called this music “Malay Pseudo” (Melayu Pseudo),but some opinions is not important for their fans or their groupies,and i am a Future Fan 🙂

This band although from West Java or the Pasundan Land,but them is able singing like some bands from mainstream or center of the Malay Music in Sumatera and Malay Peninsula,A Interesting Fact,according Professor Sangkot Marzuki’s (he is from Lembaga Eijkman Indonesia) Research,Sumateranese and Sundanese Genetically is have many similarities.

If you feel curious or you want to know many more about them,you can stalk or follow them on


Don’t Judge From Face Book (because this is a good band)


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