I loves Atmosphere Greeny and Rainy (May,2 2014),after Rainy,a Wet Atmosphere and Greeny,make me feel Freshly and Happy,and i want to say What A Wonderful World! Basically Happiness Feeling is Purity Easy and we should Grateful for that.

Hujan, Tanaman

Wet And Greeny on front of my Home


8 respons untuk ‘Wet And Greeny on front of my Home

    • perahucadik berkata:

      @ M-R Off Course. Wet,Cool and Humid,but Climate Change in all around the world,making the Climate is Confused.

      • How TRUE ! Plants don’t know what to expect, any more than humans do ! And still the Oz PM says there is not climate change. But we all know what a total MORON he is. 😦

  1. Lovely photos.
    People worry too much about change. It always happens – life doesn’t stand still. Nature is always creating new and fazing out old. What we have, will not be always. And that’s OK. Perhaps something even better will arrive?

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