Before i typing this,i didn’t mean not respect to other faiths or religions,but not all community or people have or running a Common Standard about the Law or a Life Style with people in the Western World,about Medieval Law.for this you can compare with the Law from “Torah”,Shariah Law or the Islamic Law is have many similarties with other Abrahamic Religions (Jewish,Christian and Islam),if you know many more about similiarties among them (Abrahamic Religion),you not will judging directly that is Cruel,Unhumanist and Uncivilized.

When you search about Source mostly the System Law in a Western World or in a Secular State in Nowadays,you will found its source from Greek or from some Greek Philosophers and some thoughts from some Philosophers are Debatable,tend Dangerous and Blur also Subtitle.

I have some examples for this,it will Blowing your mind ; when Nyepi Day (if you want to know about the Bali Island and Nyepi Day,you can googling them),then you visit,you must Obey some rules that Definitely Maybe,it will make you feel Stress or not Comfort,because you must stay in your Place (maybe at a home or at an airport),till Nyepi Day is the end. Definitely Maybe you will feel Angry or One’s Temper then you asking “This Is What For”.the Answer is “All Community Or People Have Itself Rule And You Can Not Directly To Judging Them”.

When you visit to Vatican,Definitely Maybe (no offence),you will not feel comfort or not willing agree with some rules (tend disagree),especially if you are a Pebesthyrian,a Mormon,a Orthodox and a Muslim,a Jews also Free Thinkers,but it’s their Rules or Law,and we must appreciate that.


I Support Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah 

I am a Muslim and i always try to be a Devout Muslim,i Believe that all things in The Universe or in The Sky and The World,it’s God Mine,that’s why me and other Muslims must Obey to its Rule. Some people are disagree with his Policy,but he is only did his Fundamental Right as a Muslim. If you were a Free Thinker and a Democracy Supporter,you should not forbid his Policy or Hates him,because it’s one of Free Will an part off Democracy. Shariah Law or Islamic Law in Brunei it’s only for Muslims,look like Torah Law for Jewish,i think if you a Good Christian or a Devout Christian,it’s better you using some rules or law from Bible (Abrahamic Religions). When you took about The Human Rights,how about Human Rights Muslim for running or using a Law from their Faith?







We have a Different Standard (off course)


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