Today 15 Years Ago (Exactly May,3 1999) Simpang KKA Tragedy,definitely maybe many people (especially) in my Country who forget it,because to many moments that happening and many problems. Aceh People have right for Independence like other nations in our world and our Constitution we call UUD 45 and in first paragaraph said “Kemerdekaan Adalah Hak Segala Bangsa” (Independence Is Right For All Nation Or Independence Is Right’s All Nation).

Our Government who tend Unjust,they thinking every things in my Country must follow or suitable with Javanese Standard or Standard from Jakarta,including Aceh.

Daud Bereuh has fooled by Bung Karno in decades ago (for this you can googling or you read a book about war in Aceh-you can search the book in a Library),that’s make Aceh People against and Aceh People have a long history against Colonialism or Imperialism,they are very Bravely.

You can check many more about Simpang KKA Tragedy on this link >>>

I think you can Compare this with Tortured and Abused to Tibet Nation.

All Oppresors in the World,they have a Same Face.

Menolak Lupa

Simpang KKa is Tragedy and Unjust


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