Litrato 3132


When i bring my mobile phone (a Sonny Ericsson W302),i always feel addicted for take a picture or shoot something and no except when i am at a Super Market,basically in Super Market ,we are not allowed for shoot something or take a picture (maybe there some different rules in other countries),but it’s not stopped me,although i feel worry,because i will got trouble,if one of Employed in the Super Market to know about my action,so i do it behind people back. Its result a picture or a photo that look blur,because i was do it too fast and there some jolts also my camera photo (its part of Sonny Ericsson W302) just 2 mega pixel.

A Silence Conner its title,i think this photo is described our life in the Modern Life or nowadays,we are life in Alienation or Silence,although in around it’s very Busy.

Foot Note : My tool for made the photo (above) a Sonny Ericsson W302 and i was shoot it in March,23 2014.


A Silence Conner


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