Litrato 3114



When once the evening (March,23 2014) i was walk nearby Paramadina University,i look at to a Bridge for the Walker (in Bahasa Indonesia,we call it “Jembatan Penyeberangan”),then i remember some designs or layouts from some blog skins or templates that look like the Bridge,its Simple,Strong and Clear,hmmm..,maybe my life in the Blogsphere or the Blogger World,it was drive me Crazy (but little bit).

Simple,Strong and Elegant also Clean,it’s my favorite design or layout,especially for Blog Skin or Template Blog.

By the way,the true fact it’s  rarely a Public Facility not become a Vandalism Victim (honestly) in Jakarta City.

However a Responsive Design it’s Better 🙂


I liked this design (look simple,strong and clear)


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