When i hear the Sound of Rain,i will Happy and i want Dancing.

The Sound of Rain is a Love Message from our God.

When i hear The Sound of Rain,i am more feels Childish.

The Sound of Rain in my mind like a Romantic Song that Sing a Long.

I always look forward to that sound and if i have no yet hear that sound,i will feel be Sad.

The Sound of Rain has invited some memories,especially a Romantic Memory to my mind.

I adore the Rain and i loves its Sound.

Absolutly I am a Rain Addict.


Aku, Hujan

I loves Its Sound


3 respons untuk β€˜I loves Its Sound’

  1. Thank you for the follow on my wee blog, really appreciated. Welcome Aboard. If you have any suggestions or requests just drop me a line. It would be great to know ore about yourself (Malaysian?) with an about page. Namaste, MM πŸ€

    • perahucadik berkata:

      @Meticolousmick You are Welcome,Mate. By the way i am a Indonesian Citizen and my origin from Sumatera. About Indonesian and Malaysian People,we are Brotherhood like Irish and Scottish People and our Language (Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia) is similar like Irish Gaelic and Scottish Gaelic.

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