Okay,to night i want took about Made In China again and i want fair or objective about CCP’s Product,and their product is not all bad or worse,you can see a Toy Car (in Bahasa Indonesia its meaning Mobil-Mobilan) above. My Mother got this the Toy Car from my Nephew in March 5,2014. I loves this Little Car or the Toy Car,because almost all details and sides is cool and similliar with the Car with Original Size.

This is an Audi 282 Veno Model,my Mother thought the name is Lamborghini 🙂 i think many people will be thinking this Toy Car is a Ferrari Model,because its colour is Red.

I loves this Super Car Model,although Made In China,and make me always feel Gambling,but for this case i want give my thumb for this product 🙂


My Little Car


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