I feel stressed with my mobile phone,again and again i got problem with the CCP’s Product,i call CCP or Communist China People because i did’t mean make a Generalization that whole the Product who made by China Han Community is Bad,Fragily and look like a Scam. For Example my Goggles,its a Taiwan’s Product and a Good Product. I write this Article with purpose for took something about something that make me feel upset. Nowadays many High Class Products or High Class Marks that have Fabric or Finished in China Mainland,but CCP Management is not suitable with all Product (High Class),the Result many Despointed Products (for example,hmmm..,i think too many!).

Cheap is Fun (Murah Meriah in Bahasa Indonesia),basically it’s a Trap.

You Must Watch This Movie!

Thomas Balmes set up his own production company,TBC, in 1992 and began directing documentaries http://www.thomasbalmes.com/filmography/a-decent-factory/ and this Movie will blowing your mind about CCP’s Product.

The Story is Begun,when a company mobilephone giant its Nokia,has send its Employee and a British Consultant for Audit its Suppliers in the China mainland and then some awkward situation between the Nokia Inspectors and the uneasy Local Managers. Some Surprising Humor make freshly this movie 🙂

Thomas Balmes has gave us,a New Phrase about “Made In China”.


No Doubt Nokia is Made In Finland (Actually its Fabric in China)


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