I want took about Gardening in the Space Area,especially in the second floor or more,depend where you live now at your Home or Apartement maybe,mostly problems in many big city or metropolitan city is Area or Place for Gardening,however “if there a wishes surely there some way”. Please Believe it that old quote πŸ™‚

I was begun for Gardening in nearby my room,exactly in left side my room since around June 2009,i can not use soil or such like that,because if i use soil or such like that,will be drifted by rain. So i use other media for removed soil,Some Papers,Scar Tissues and Little Branchs,Leafs also my Spirit πŸ™‚

Basiclly i did planting with the Hydrophonic Way.

Honestly Gardening in the Space Area and Especially at the Roof is not Easy in the Country with Tropical Climate,like Jakarta and more worst caused the Climate Change Effect,but i aware Greeny and Cozy is better than Dry and i loves Greeny and Cozy is nearby my room.

My Garden is like the Rain Forrest isn’t? πŸ™‚

Please Try it at your Home!


Gardening in the Space Area


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